About Us


Campo d’Água, Engenharia e Gestão, Lda., is an engineering consulting firm founded in 2005 by professionals with extensive experience in the field of hydraulic and water resources studies, projects, and technical assistance.

Since its foundation, the company has been consolidating its position in the national and international markets, becoming a reference in some market segments.

A Campo d’Água has a team of excellent technical professionals, including experts in different areas of specialization, allowing for the development of projects in different domains.

The company holds a professional risk insurance policy worth 1.5 million euros.


Vitor Paulo

Hydraulic Infrastructures

Sofia Azevedo

Agriculture and Rural Development

Marta Azevedo

Water Supply and Wastewater Drainage Systems

Ricardo Serrano

Road and Railway Infrastructures
Water Supply Systems and Wastewater Drainage

Vera Martins


Âmbito dos Serviços

Among the different existing areas of intervention, Campo d’Água is particularly qualified to intervene in the following sectors:

  • Hydraulic infrastructures
  • Agriculture and rural development
  • Water supply, wastewater and stormwater systems
  • Urban infrastructures
  • Energy and environment
  • Road infrastructures
  • Buildings
  • Safety and health

Recursos Humanos

Campo d’Água has a multidisciplinary team of collaborators, with extensive experience gained over the years through participation in numerous studies and projects in the country and abroad, composed of technicians from the following areas:

  • Civil Engineers in hydrology and hydraulics;
  • Civil Engineers in structures;
  • Agricultural Engineers in agricultural hydraulics and rural engineering;
  • Mechanical Engineers;
  • Electrical Engineers;
  • Geotechnical Engineers;
  • Engineering Geologists;
  • Senior Technicians in Safety and Health

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